Paris, FRANCE: First Step on European Soil

franc.jpgBonjour, what’s going on guys? The weather here in the United Arab Emirates is totally amazing. It is winter right now and guess what? Two days ago it rained and it was a first time for me! Anyway, I know it’s been a while since I last posted and again, I would like to apologise for that. Things have been really busy for me for the past few months and I just went on leave last January and spent it in Tokyo with my mum. I’d definitely write about it if time permits. So for now, I would like to share you my first trip to the lovely Europe.

It was way back in September 2016 that I was rostered for a CDG (Paris) flight and knowing that I am going to see Europe for the first time, it gave me an incredible amount of adrenaline rush!

I carried a small guide book with me which I took from the hotel but to find out that I won’t be really needing it as literally, every corner of the city appeared to be worth visiting. Our hotel is approximately an hour and a half away from the city centre so we took an Uber for convenience instead of taking the train from the airport which will take a lot more time. Four of us decided to share the cab so it will be cheaper.


The guy dropped us off right at the Eiffel Tower and I was in total awe! I could just not believe that I was standing in front of this beautiful tower which I just used to see in postcards. And the fact that I am in Europe.. in France, – this moment was surreal.

But please bear in mind that, along with touristy cities around the globe, Paris is not 100% safe. Beware of pick pocketer and con artist from random people on the street, especially the area around the tower where tons of tourist flock. I was nearly robbed by a woman but luckily, one of the crew I was with noticed it quickly and got away with it safely.

Since we left the hotel at around six in the morning, we were not able to have a breakfast so we decided to eat somewhere nice. We found this small cafeteria close by the Eiffel Tower. The food tasted so good and I think I just had the best hot chocolate ever! I am not  big fan of it but if you are in Europe, it is a must-try. And of course, not to mention that eating on Paris’ side streets was such a priceless experience itself, as my heart and mind were both screaming “I AM IN PAAAAARIS OH MY GOD!”

The reason I wanted to see France is these lovely streets. Walking on it was just a dream. The first words that came out from my mouth the moment I saw downtown Paris was “this is exactly how it looks like in the movies!” As an Asian, this kind of places amazes me so much and thought I was just dreaming or something. I have been only seeing France in post cards, movies, travel documentaries, etc. Being able to step foot onto this country after wishing for it in a long time is indeed a dream come true.

I fell in love with the city so much that I want to take my mum there someday!

14142072_10210562986498896_2985040662651981855_nMerci, Paris! Je t’aime France!

ICHIRO | 勝利を目指して高く飛べ!✈︎


About Ryu Namiki | 並木竜一郎

A 29-year old flight attendant all the way from Japan and now living in the United Arab Emirates. Flying for two years for one of the world's best airlines and is still enjoying a "chicken or beef" and "prepare all doors and cross-check" kind of life!
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