Welcome Onboard! Farewell, Batchmates!

13439022_10209930313082456_1847107560358600240_nThe eight weeks of intense training is finally over. It has been a truly priceless experience and we are now released for flying! Getting into this job is hard, and the training itself is much harder. Being a cabin crew is not about ‘chicken or beef’ nor ‘coffee or tea’ as what others may think. Cabin crews are not just about looking badass at the airport concourses and up in the sky, and whilst walking up and down the aisle. Same with restaurants, it seems so easy to serve people, but the customers does not see what is really happening in the back. There are lots of thing that needs to be secured, checked, and prepared.

We have learnt how to deal with different types of emergencies such as evacuating an aircraft on water – or ditching, land evacuation, how to safely evacuate from a smoke-filled cabin, extinguish fire, deal with decompression, turbulence, perform CPR, give birth on-board, and tons of medical situations. We have been also trained on how to restrain anyone who is a threat either to the crew or passengers – but as a last resort.

There are still so many things to learn and discover outside the training college. I am nervous and excited on my first supy flight, which will be two days from now.

I have met lots of people along the way, heard stories, share laughters, and hardships, and I am going to miss everyone! Now, I have to face the path I have chosen – to serve people with a smile whilst ensuring everyone’s safety. I am now living my dreams and it feels very surreal. I am just very grateful to everyone who supported me all the way, and to those people who kept on telling me that I made them proud!

And lastly, to my lovely batch mates (AB 3168) whom I want to give some recognition.

Aline and Yoan from France
Yu Chu from Taiwan
Jone and Ester from Spain
Bel, Samantha, and Nadine from the United Kingdom
Masha from Ireland
Mateus from Brasil
Viveksha from Mauritius
Hyejin and Minjoo from South Korea
Sabina from India
Tarek from Egypt
Sarka from the Czech Republic
My most favourite Sofia from Argentina!

…and yours truly, Ryu from Japan!

These people made my journey even more exciting! They are the best. I love them so much to the moon and back and they will be in my heart, forever.

Hello tomorrow.. Safe skies, everyone!

ICHIRO | 勝利を目指して高く飛べ!✈︎


About Ryu Namiki | 並木竜一郎

A 29-year old flight attendant all the way from Japan and now living in the United Arab Emirates. Flying for two years for one of the world's best airlines and is still enjoying a "chicken or beef" and "prepare all doors and cross-check" kind of life!
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6 Responses to Welcome Onboard! Farewell, Batchmates!

  1. Wahyu Surya says:

    Congratulation Ryu. Hope you the best, keep writing


  2. Esteban Varela says:

    Wow, I’m waiting for Emirates response after my final Interview, and found this blog, and I just want to say: THANK YOU FOR SHARING, I’m so amazed of all the things we’ve got to do before joining, and simply cannot wait to join Emirates as a Cabin Crew… Best of Luvk for you in Emirates, and who knows?, maybe some day in the future, we’ll be seeing each other working for Emirates. Thank you for all the information you’ve shared, it gives me a pretty clear idea of what it is to come, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be joining that wonderful Airline…Once again thank you so much, and best of luck for you… I’m Stephen from Argentina. xD!

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  3. Hayley says:

    Hi! I have lots of cabin crew ‘wannabies’ who visit my website in search of info about life as crew, the training and the application process. Would you be interested in writing a guest post? Of course we can include a link back to your page and I’m sure it will get you lots of extra traffic! My website is http://lifeasabutterfly.com/category/aviation/ If you’re interested contact me at hayley@lifeasabutterfly.com

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