S.E.P. Training (Safety & Emergency Procedures)

“This the captain. Evacuate! Evacuate!”

Hello, everyone! I deeply apologise for not being able to update my blog. I have been extremely busy with the SEP training which lasted for three weeks. My wonderful batch passed the training and we are moving forward onto GMT (Group Medical Training) today.

The SEP training was hard and fun at the same time. I just could not believe that I have learnt some huge amount of information in just a span of three weeks. The operations manual that we have been using is unbelievably thick, but our trainers/instructors are just the best that it feels they are doing some magic tricks to make everything easier and squeeze every bits of information in a short amount of time. We learnt on how to evacuate the aircraft in land and in water, how to fight fire, deal with decompression, what to do during light, moderate, and severe turbulence, how to operate the door in both normal and emergency situations and its SOP’s. Moreover, the lights and sound indicators in the cabin were pretty hard to memorise, too. But one thing is for sure – amber is for lavatory!


Batch 3168 – I am so grateful to have these amazing batch mates and awesome trainers!

ICHIRO | 勝利を目指して高く飛べ!✈︎


About Ryu Namiki | 並木竜一郎

A 28-year old flight attendant all the way from Japan and now living in the United Arab Emirates. Flying for two years for one of the world's best airlines and is still enjoying a "chicken or beef" and "prepare all doors and cross-check" kind of life!
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