Emirates Assessment Day in Tokyo – Scenario and Role-playing (Part 2/3)

After the first elimination, we were invited back to the room and this time, the chairs were arranged in smaller circles since there were plenty of applicants who got eliminated during the first round. We sat down and the recruiter explained the next group activity which is a “Hotel Scenario.” In the scenario, you are a hotel staff and there was an unexpected system error. Eight guests placed their reservations but only two rooms are available. All the other hotels in the city were fully-booked. I cannot remember the exact descriptions of the customers but here are their circumstances:

  • A valued customer who stays at the hotel for at least twice a month
  • Family with an infant that needs a monthly check-up at a nearby hospital
  • A high-ranking politician with an important meeting at the hotel
  • Famous party girl attending a fashion show
  • Manager of the hotel who will be having a conference at the hotel
  • A hotel guest with a flooded bathroom
  • Famous journalist
  • Newly-married couple

The recruiter gave us 15 minutes to discuss the scenario and to come up with a decision. We need to defend our answers by telling them why we picked the two and why not the other six. At first, no one would like to give out their opinion so I did break the ice once more. I told the group that we should give the first room to the guest with a flooded bathroom. Why? Because the guest is already staying there, he has all the rights to get his room upgraded since it was not his fault that his bathroom got swamped. We also cannot afford to see the guest leaving unhappy or unsatisfied with our service because it totally defies the company goal.

It is extremely important to pay attention to everyone. The recruiter probably want to see if you can work well in a team setting since the job of being a cabin crew requires teamwork and harmony. You are not being assessed on what you know, but on how you think and act. Do not talk just for the sake of talking. Try to move the group forward with your ideas because the aim of this activity is not to get the correct answer but how you interact with others to arrive to that answer. When you speak, you have to make sure that everyone can hear you and you are making eye-contact from time to time. Also, English is the corporate language of Emirates so you need to impress everyone with your language skills. But most importantly, sit professionally, be yourself, and SMILE!

Side note: The recruiter individually pulled us over to the side while the group discussion is on-going. We did the arm-reach test once more and asked us briefly if we have any body tattoos. She then asked us to go back to our seats after.

The fifteen-minute allotted time was over and our group came up with these answers: Guest with the flooded bathroom and the newly-married couple. After that, we did a role play. The recruiter will act as one of the guest. She had to pretend that she is angry and that made everything felt so real. They want to see how you will respond to these kinds of situations. So it is very important to keep yourself calm and do your best to resolve the problem in a professional and sensible manner. The second group discussion ended here. Again, we were asked to leave the room and wait for the results outside. Yes, there was an elimination again! After twenty minutes of horror, the recruiters posted a piece of paper outside and here it is:


Just in case you forgot my number, I am candidate number 50.

ICHIRO | 勝利を目指して高く飛べ ✈︎


About Ryu Namiki | 並木竜一郎

A 29-year old flight attendant all the way from Japan and now living in the United Arab Emirates. Flying for two years for one of the world's best airlines and is still enjoying a "chicken or beef" and "prepare all doors and cross-check" kind of life!
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5 Responses to Emirates Assessment Day in Tokyo – Scenario and Role-playing (Part 2/3)

  1. Se Min Kang says:

    Hello, I am interested in applying for Emirates Airline and your blog really helps me to prepare for the cabin crew position, and gives me heads up on what to expect. I actually have a question about the assessment day. I live in the states and I was wondering if you recall how long you had to stay for the assessment day. Did it take all day?
    Thank you in advance! and I’ll appreciate any response from you.


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