Emirates Assessment Day in Tokyo – English Test & Final Interview Package (Part 3/3)

I cannot believe I have made it this far. There were tears on my eyes and it felt like I am so close to my dreams! I wanted to tell all my friends that I made it through the second elimination but it was just too early to celebrate. The next and the last part of the Assessment Day was the English Test. I sat beside my friend and we were both feeling very nervous. At this point, there were only two males left including myself and the other was sitting right behind my table.

Most parts of the exam are sets of comprehension test that needs deep understanding and analysis. The series of questions were combinations of either ‘multiple choice and ‘fill in the blanks so there is no reason to leave any pages blank. You will be given 50 minutes to complete the exams. It was neither that hard nor difficult but your Basic English will not help you get through it. As I’ve said, you need to have at least conversational to fluent level and strong grasp of the language.

Once you are done, you will have to wait outside again for the test results. This will be the final elimination. To be honest, I am 100% confident that I am going to pass the exam. I find it easy but surely it was a complicated and a tricky one. Few minutes more, one of the recruiters stepped out of the room and said that she is going to announce the numbers of the candidate who will make it to the next stage. And yes, both 50 and 77 were called! My friend and I made it! We made it! Every elimination is very emotional, especially when you really want it so bad. And here we are… We made it to the next stage.

After we sat down, the recruiter congratulated us. It was overwhelming. It felt like I am just dreaming. Out of the 77 hopefuls, I was the only guy among the 19 people who made it through the finals. Everything was surreal. Again, I cannot believe that this was happening.

Moving on, she gave us these tons of paperwork that needs to be filled out before the Final Interview. It includes the following:

  • Cabin Crew Recruitment Pre-joining Administration Form
  • Documentation Checklist and Guidelines
  • Image and Uniform Declaration Form
  • Language Declaration Form
  • Cabin Crew Psychometric Test (Login details)
  • Photograph Guidelines

She scheduled us for our Final Interviews afterwards and I volunteered for this coming Friday at 9:00 in the morning. So, I immediately filed a one-week off from my work to process all the photos and documents needed since we only have three days to accomplish everything. Also, the FI location is in Osaka, a city that is two hours away from Tokyo by a high-speed train or an hour if you travel by air.

The Assessment Day was finally over. We started at 10:00 and finished at around 19:00. We were all tired yet it was a wonderful and priceless experience! See you on my next post… Ciao!

ICHIRO | 勝利を目指して高く飛べ!✈︎


About Ryu Namiki | 並木竜一郎

A 29-year old flight attendant all the way from Japan and now living in the United Arab Emirates. Flying for two years for one of the world's best airlines and is still enjoying a "chicken or beef" and "prepare all doors and cross-check" kind of life!
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